If you receive a notice from the MVA that your vehicle’s registration could be suspended because you don’t have auto insurance it can be nerve racking, and frankly the letter is incredibly threatening.  Sometimes you receive this notice via USPS however it can also come through your email.

The MVA is notified when a car insurance policy is changed, or cancelled, however the lag time could be months, so DO NOT BE ALARMED! The MVA is simply requesting proof of your new car insurance coverage. Here are a few events that could trigger this request.

  • Switched Insurance Companies
  • Purchased or Sold Vehicle
  • Change of address
  • No good reason!!!!

You should contact your independent agency and send them the documentation immediately, 99% of the time it’s an easy website input to resolve the issue and a copy of confirmation will be provided.

FR 19 verification is a great reason to ALWAYS contact your independent agency directly when making policy changes. We strongly discourage depending on.

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Dealerships
  • Title Companies

While they have good intentions if incorrect information is provided, YOU WILL be responsible for those hefty fines in the threatening MVA letter.

If you receive notice from the MVA, forward it to your local independent insurance agent for processing.

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