Seasonal Home Insurance

The Best Seasonal Home Insurance

Do you have the right out-of-state homeowner insurance?
Is your investment effectively protected against all possible risks?
That unoccupied buildings can face additional risks?

Second home insurance can get messy and confusing, especially with subpar insurance providers. Typical homeowner insurance policies also only extend 10% of your contents limits to a vacation residence, so you can’t rely on traditional insurances to cover your assets. What’s more, if you’re renting the property, you’ll need separate business coverage.   

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a source of rental income, your investment will be completely covered and safe with Crawford Yingling Insurance. We take into account your specific situation, tailoring the plan to address all potential risks like theft, fire, and water damage as well as additional onsite property like vehicles or ATVs. 

Crawford Yingling has served the businesses and residents of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia for over 100 years. We pride ourselves on top quality coverage, rates, and customer service. Don’t trust anyone else with your most valued assets!

Holiday the Right Way

To get started, here are a few important tips to reduce your second home insurance premiums and prevent losses:

  • Install a central station burglar and fire alarm so if something happens, the police and fire department are notified right away.
  • Turn the water off to the home every time you leave so if a pipe does break, the damage will be minimal. 
  • Keep the heat on even when the home is empty to prevent freezing pipes and the system from seizing up. 
  • Get someone nearby to regularly check on the premises and contact you in case of an issue. This can be either a paid property manager or a neighbor.
  • Secure and prepare your property in advance of storms like hurricanes and blizzards.
  • If you’re renting the property, it would also be considered a business and you would need second home insurance.

In addition to comprehensive and effective seasonal home insurance, Crawford Yingling also offers package deals for our clients that include the very best…

  • Auto Insurance
  • Maryland Umbrella Insurance
  • Valuable Collections Insurance
  • Jewelry Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Medicare Supplemental
  • Umbrella Insurance
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