Umbrella Insurance

Gap coverage for every climate.

360° Protection

You don’t have to be a millionaire to get taken to court and sued like one. What’s more, not every scenario can be covered under traditional insurance types and you may be left vulnerable to high out-of-pocket costs without umbrella coverage.

A Crawford Yingling umbrella insurance plan fills in gaps in your coverage while acting as a reserve policy that steps in when needed to provide the support your situation demands.
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Why Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an absolutely crucial part of any solid insurance protection package, whether you’re an individual or business owner. The purpose of insurance is to transfer as much risk away from you as possible, protecting you against the unexpected. By definition, it’s impossible to exactly predict the risks you’ll face in life, so traditional insurance plans are always going to be limited in what they can do for you.

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Risks Needing Umbrella Coverage

There are many specific, high-risk examples where umbrella insurance coverage is recommended. Crawford Yingling umbrella insurance covers you if you…

  • Have assets greater than liability insurance limits
  • Are financially responsible for children
  • Frequently have guests at the property
  • Have a residence with a swimming pool
  • Own watercraft(s) or off-road vehicle(s)
  • Own rental or vacation properties
  • Participate in volunteer activities
  • Own or lease commercial property
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Affordable & Easy

Because it’s only needed in rare circumstances, umbrella insurance is an extremely affordable way to round out your insurance plan. For only a couple hundred more per year, you can receive an umbrella policy with an additional $1,000,000+ liability limit.

It only takes one tragic accident to be sued for everything you own, but an affordable umbrella insurance policy from Crawford Yingling can be the shield you need to keep your life and assets intact.

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