Why and how to protect your jewelry with your homeowners Insurance!

Many of us have jewelry that has significant value, if that jewelry were to ever get destroyed by a fire or stolen in a home invasion, would you have the right coverage to replace it? There are two different approaches you can take to adding more coverage for jewelry to your homeowner’s policy. Either Blanket Coverage or Scheduled Personal Property.

Your standard Homeowners policy does include some coverage for your valuables. This includes things such as fine art, jewelry, furs and even silverware. Although these are covered, most policies will only cover these valuables up to a certain dollar amount. Standard policies tend to have a low limit for theft. Generally, this amount is around $1,500.


Blanket Coverage– This is a great option to increase the limit for certain valuables. Blanket Coverage is easy and does not require an appraisal for each piece of jewelry. Blanket coverage can increase your limit to $10,000. This type of coverage provides a specific overall limit for your jewelry and sometimes has a “per item” maximum. Blanket coverage is an excellent way to provide higher limits of coverage for your valuables.

Scheduled Personal Property– Scheduling your valuables is going to be for your high-end jewelry, like an engagement ring worth $15,000. This also involves a little bit more organization and appraisals from a jeweler for each item. If you are scheduling your jewelry on your policy it will be an itemized list of your valuables along with their value. Each of these items will be separately listed in detail onto your policy. If a total loss were to occur, you would be reimbursed for the agreed value of that item/items.


They say some of the best things come in small packages. That may be true, but what if the worst thing happened to those tiny packages? Wouldn’t you want them to be protected? Contact Crawford Yingling Insurance to discuss how to properly cover your valuable jewelry.

If you need your jewelry to be properly appraised and insured then you have found the right Agency. We will shop for you to get the best coverage for the best price. For more information regarding Jewelry Insurance follow the link below.




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