Workers Compensation

Taking care of your team and your business.

Safety & Financial Security

Crawford Yingling prides itself on finding the best workers compensation insurance policy for your business!

This policy protects your employees if they suffer an injury or become ill while on the job and is mandated by the state when the organization employs over a certain number of people. Not only is it mandated, but it’s also an important way to take care of your team, protect your company from a lawsuit, and ensure the financial security of your operations.

What’s Covered

Crawford Yingling provides effective workers compensation insurance to cover a wide range of situations and expenses. This includes:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Costs to retrain employees
  • Related legal fees
  • Wages for a temporary worker
  • And more!
Safeguard Your Team
Responsible business ownership starts with responsible leadership. Contact Crawford Yingling today to set up a cost-effective workers compensation insurance plan today.
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