Five Good Reasons to Insure Your Golf Clubs & How It Will Keep You in a Good Spot.

My passion is golf and I try to play the best courses around the world. I invest in my equipment, thinking I will hit that drive 10 yards further or roll that putt better. Did you know the brand-new Titleist TSi3 Premium Driver retails at $750 and that’s off the rack at Dick’s? How about the new Callaway Epic Speed 3 Woods retailing for $300 or more?

A good friend of mine had custom fitted forged irons made costing $5,000. Wedge. putter, a $500 range finder that measures distance, slope and how much oxygen you’ll use up while shouting “CUT CUT”. To cap it off throw in custom bag, a $500 pair of prescription sunglasses and a brand-new box of ProV1s.

I never assessed the values inside my golf bag, I added it up and it came to $3500.

1. You fly with your clubs.

Your clubs get damaged during the flight, or decide to take a around the world trip to never return? The airline baggage policy has liquidated damages clause and they may fall short. At least someone might be hitting it straight.

2. You store them at your club

Golf clubs storing bags are susceptible to damage and theft. A fire breaks out in the bag room. Your club has business insurance but it does not cover your sticks: if it does not that custom driver.

3. You transport clubs in a vehicle

We all load the sticks into our vehicles. You leave your clubs in the car overnight, and someone steals them . The automobile insurance policy does not cover personal property within a vehicle.

4. Your homeowner insurance could leave you in a tough spot

The home insurance policy will cover property but limits or excludes for off premise. You should schedule your clubs on the home policy or you might end up in a rough spot.

5. You are not a PGA Tour Pro

When our sticks get lost, damage or stolen it hits our wallet. The Taylor Made tour trailer isn’t parked outside our course ready to replace our clubs.

Special thanks to Piney Branch Golf Club for allowing us to use their beautiful golf course hole #6 in our background they have great club and beautiful landscapes take a look.…

Two good reasons to contact us now:

1. Golf Club Insurance is cheap usually 10$ per $1000 in value.

2. Crawford Yingling is an independent insurance agent, insurance quotes are FREE.

Next time you tee it up, consider talking to your independent insurance agent. Insuring your golf clubs will keep you on the straight and narrow!

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