Guaranteed to Impress: Intern Starts Recycling Program

Recycling in the workplace: Steps to start!!

Crawford Yingling Insurance started recycling in the office, it feels great to help out the environment and our community.   Our recycling program was spearheaded by team member Rayna Wise a current student at McDaniel College.

Rayna is incredibly passionate about the environment, and explained to management recycling not only helps the globe, but recycling can serve as a great way to build comradery amongst the team and help everyone work towards a common goal.

How do you get started?

  • Contact your trash service, some might give you a bin for free.
  • Select a designated recycling area, usually next to a trashcan. This helps remind team members the office recycles.
  • Communicate the new program, internal email blasts, signage, and contests help create awareness and weaves it into the daily culture.
  • Lead by example, when people see others recycling others choose to follow.

Be aware you want to check with your local government, landfills, and trash services on what they will and will not recycle.   All entities have some limitations.

Crawford Yingling Insurance is committed to a sustainable workplace and we are proud to do our part in helping the environment.

Thank you, Rayna Wise, for a fantastic idea.

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