Imagine your outdoor underground sewer line breaks and floods your basement. If you have the right coverage your contents will be covered in the basement.  However, you still need to fix the sewer line. Will your municipality or city pay for this expense? THE ANSWER IS NO. 

Service lines run underground beneath your property. They include various pipes and wires that provide your home with electricity, cable, water and more. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE REPAIRS. 

Crawford Yingling Insurance offers Underground Utility Line Insurance which covers events such as corrosion and broken pipes. Coverage varies by carrier but usually includes:

  • Repair of damage to service line
  • Cost of excavation
  • Expediting wxpenses
  • Loss of use, or additional living expense if you are unable to inhabit your home
  • Out property repairs (such as digging up a driveway and repaving).

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If you have questions about your unique situation or want to find out more about adding service line coverage to your policy contact us today!

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