If you’ve seen the details of auto insurance policies, then you’ve probably wondered what the three numbers refer to—such as 25/50/15 or 15/30/50. Seems like an odd ordering of numbers and you might know it refers to limits of liability, but you may not know which number refers to which limit.

Here’s the information you need to know about those three numbers and auto insurance in Maryland:

First number: the first number refers to bodily injury per person and the maximum amount to be paid for each person in the other vehicle. Each number represents the amount in thousands, so 100 translates to $100,000. If a person sustains bodily injuries up to the amount of $100,000 then they are covered by your policy. However, any amount that exceeds the ceiling becomes your responsibility, out-of-pocket.
Second number: the second number refers to bodily injury per accident. How does this differ from the first number? This number is the TOTAL amount of bodily injury the policy covers. Any amount exceeding this number is your responsibility. If the amount is $300,000, then that is the ceiling for your policy’s coverage.
Third number: the third number refers to property damage. If you have 50 or $50,000, then any amount exceeding the limit is your responsibility. Property damage includes vehicles involved in the wreck and personal items within the vehicle. If you total a person’s vehicle and the damage amount is $58,000, then you are responsible for the remaining $8,000.
Together, the amount of each number corresponds to the amount of protection you have in case of an accident. The minimum amount of car insurance in Maryland may not protect you in the event of a lawsuit. Some drivers may sue for more compensation and your minimum policy may fall short of the expenses you owe.

Wondering about the amount you need for each number? There’s no better time than now to discuss the amount of coverage you need to remain protected. Our team here at Crawford Yingling Insurance can assist you in determining the amount you need for your auto insurance policy.

Don’t let an accident cause you to fall into financial hardship. Protect against the unexpected. We’ll help you every step of the way and guarantee remarkable auto insurance for you in Maryland.

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