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Is your motorcycle covered correctly in Maryland?

Maryland has some beautiful land. From coastal cruises to twisting mountain roads, the state offers motorcyclists some of the most pleasurable rides around. And just a short ride gets you to other nearby states, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

However, motorcyclists are at high risk for accidents. They can encounter turnovers, slips on icy roads, and other inattentive drivers, so motorcyclists should always be cautious and aware while riding. They must wear helmets at all times, and just like the law requiring helmets, there are laws requiring insurance on motorcycles in MD as well.

Whether you are a professional rider or leisure rider, you need a strong motorcycle insurance protection plan in place. Is your bike custom made, have accessories, or modifications these are questions an independent insurance agent should be asking?

Maryland Motorcycle Info

Did you know motorcyclists face an elevated risk of accidents, 5 times that of passenger cars; and when accident happen, the risk of death is 35 times higher?

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious damage. Without insurance you may face not only legal problems, but also financial problems, from repairing your motorcycle to medical bills. Additionally, if you’re deemed at fault for an accident, you can also be held responsible for the other party’s damages. Do not ride and leave your future up to chance and good luck, invest in a strong motorcycle insurance protection plan.  We have the best bike insurance companies in the marketplace to help protect your future.

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Crawford Yingling Insurance has been insuring motorcycles in Maryland for over 100 years. Fill out the bike quote form or call us to speak with an expert to get your cycle quote.

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