Auto insurance: check. Homeowner’s insurance: check. Life insurance: check. Most people stop considering insurance beyond those three. And while those are vital to our everyday life, people overlook insurance that they need for other areas of their life.

The worst situation would be to overlook specialty insurance and end up in an awful scenario where the insurance could have saved you. So, let’s not make that mistake. Let’s prepare for the future and protect our families, our assets and our livelihood.

Here are some types of specialty insurance you may have overlooked:

Home business insurance – so many people work from home these days because the Internet has brought the workplace to the home. However, people conduct regular operations at their home and forget that their homeowner’s insurance won’t cover particular premise liabilities. Say a client or coworker gets hurt at your home during business operation, you need insurance to cover damages and injury costs. If you don’t, you could be out a lot of money.
Identity theft – need we say more? Swiping credit cards here and there, entering transaction date online, logging in to multiple accounts via the Internet—there are too many opportunities for someone to rob you of your identity. In a matter of minutes you could be out tons of money and your reputation smeared across the web. If you’re not protected, the cleanup process could be debilitating. Your identity needs substantial protection so don’t overlook it.
Flood – your typical homeowner’s policy covers flood damage, right? Wrong. Standard homeowner policies do not cover damage caused by flood, and the way the weather has been lately, a flood could happen almost anywhere. If you live in an area that receive considerable rainfall annually, then it’s in your best interest to get flood insurance. People tend to wait till there’s a scare or reason to get flood insurance, but many times it is too late. Don’t fall into this trap. Prepare for the unexpected and then rest assured that your livelihood will be protected in the event of a flood.
Have Questions? We Have Answers:

Hopefully you’re considering specialty insurance for some of the above scenarios. It’s in everyone’s best interest to remain protected, whether working at home, purchasing products online or living in flood-prone areas. But specialty insurance doesn’t stop here. There are more scenarios for which you may need this insurance.

Our team of insurance experts here in Maryland will guide you in insurance selection and help you settle on the best policy with the best rate. We want to protect our clients from disaster.

So if you’re looking for insurance in Maryland, let our friendly team provide the information and guidance you need to select a policy

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