We live in days when people sue for nearly anything in hopes of recovering a large sum of cash. This makes legal liability more intense for everyone, especially businesses. Whether it’s premise, product or personal injury liability, a business must be guarded against potential lawsuits.

One mistake and a business could face a serious legal dispute and be forced to close. It’s disheartening, but it’s the world we live in today, so business owners and managers must be well prepared.

Here are three reasons why a business needs to secure commercial liability insurance in Maryland before anything else:

Premise: most businesses have a physical location with an office, storefront, factory or warehouse. At each of these locations, people are bound to get hurt on site, and the business is liable for accidents on its property. Without premise liability insurance, a business will quickly sink in a lawsuit. Businesses must protect both customers and employees in the likelihood of an accident on site.
Products: product liability is a major dispute. If your business produces and sells products, then you must be prepared for malfunctions or faulty products that could cause injury or accidents. Just because the product has left your store doesn’t mean the liability has shifted away from your business. You must be protected if your product does lead to injury or accident.
Advertising: this type of liability is often overlooked. All businesses conduct some type of advertising. However, if the advertisement or promotion contains libelous or malicious content, copyright or trademarks, then you could be in serious trouble. You may not have purposefully included that content, but small mistakes could cause a legal dispute and end in a serious lawsuit.
Conduct Business with Knowledge and Coverage

You’re in business to sell your products or services and your expertise is in that particular market. No matter what market you’re in, you do need a basic understanding of potential legal issues you could experience and you need protection if those legal disputes become lawsuits.

Here at Crawford & Yingling Insurance, we provide the knowledge and coverage you need to conduct proper business that is protected from legal disaster. We help you keep your business functioning without anything to worry about.

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