Rental Insurance

Renting an apartment, condo, or someone’s house? Kids in college? If the rental unit suffers a fire and you lose all your belongings, how will you replace them?

If you or someone you know is renting, THEY MUST have renter’s insurance. Crawford Yingling Insurance has the best renter’s insurance companies in the market.

What exactly does renters insurance cover in the event of a loss?

Imagine renting a house while you test of a new job.  You brought all your belongings, TV, clothes, jewelry, family heirlooms. Your rental house catches on fire and burns to the group, you lose everything. If you do not have renter’s insurance you will be replacing all your personal property with out of pocket money. Renters insurance will cover your personal property.

While renting an apartment you have a few friends over, one person has too much to drink slips and fall in the apartments and has a serious head injury.   If you do not have renter’s insurance for apartments and you are sued you will be covering those legal and medical bills out of pocket.

Renters insurance covers the following

  • Personal Property
  • Liability
  • Loss of Use

Crawford Yingling offers other protection options to compliment your renter’s insurance.

Why wait and have financial hardship when you can protect yourself with the best renter’s insurance. Cheap renters’ insurance can be purchased through Crawford Yingling Insurance for less than $12 a month. Sometimes adding rental insurance policy can also decrease your auto insurance protection by 10%, that basically PAYS for the rental insurance. DO NOT WAIT, fill out form or give us a call to talk with a Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia renter’s insurance specialist.

Other areas of personal insurance Crawford Yingling Insurance can help with

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