Homeowner’s Insurance


A family’s largest asset is often its home. Trust Crawford Yingling Insurance to protect it from perils such as fire, wind, vandalism, burst pipes, among others. The homeowner’s insurance extends to your home’s contents and provides liability while people are on your property. We will work with you personally to design the policy that fits your specific needs.

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    Renters Insurance

    When renting an apartment or home, the landlord’s policy will not cover any personal property or liability exposure. We have many affordable options for renters insurance which protect your property, liability, and provide a place to live if the establishment becomes inhabitable.

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    Home Business Insurance

    Many people work from home, and your typical homeowner policy is not designed to protect you from business activities regularly conducted on your premise. We have many options to discuss how to protect your home business.

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    Dwelling Fire Insurance

    This policy protects homes that you have financial interest in but may not live in, such as a rental property, vacant home, or a home preparing to be sold or relocated. Usually the building is covered, but the contents are not. You may add liability if you desire.

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    Scheduled Personal Property

    Typical homeowner policies have special limits for certain property, such as jewelry, furs, firearms, antiques or valuable silverware. You’ll want to take inventory and schedule for coverage in case of fire, theft, etc.

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    Identity Theft

    In today’s electronic world, social security numbers and other compromised personal information can lead to financial loss. Let us review your policies and discuss options to cover this.

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    Water Back Up of Sewers and Drains

    If you have a basement you might want to consider this coverage. This is not flood coverage, but will provide coverage for your contents if water enters the home through a back up of a sewer pipe or sump pump failure.

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    Flood Insurance

    This is specialized insurance designed to cover damage arising from a flood. Our standard homeowner’s policy excludes flood, so if you live in a flood-prone area, contact Crawford Yingling Insurance to get a proposal!

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