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70% of businesses are underinsured. Is yours?


“1” Extends liability to ANY AUTO, owned, , non owned, hired, borrowed, most broad symbol for liability (used for liability only).

“2” Extends physical damage coverage to OWNED AUTOS, or Autos leased for (6 months or more).  Broadest symbol for physical damage coverage.

“3” Extends coverage to those PRIVATE PASSENGER TYPE autos YOU OWN, it does not extend coverage to any other type vehicle.

“4” Owned autos OTHER THAN private passenger type, this coverage is for insured’s that may be a business entity with personal autos.

“5” (Owned Subject to No-Fault). Only those autos you OWN that are required to have No-Fault benefits in the state where they are licensed or principally garaged.

“6” (Owned Subject to a Compulsory Uninsured Motorist Law). Only those “autos” you OWN that because of the law in the state where they are licensed or principally garage are required to have Uninsured Motorist coverage.

“7” (Specifically described Auto).  Only autos that are listed in the declarations of the policy.  This is the most restrictive coverage, usually used for owned autos physical damage.

“8” (Hired Autos Only) Only those autos you lease, hire, rent or borrow would coverage apply.  If you choose symbol 1, symbol 8 applies.

“9” (Non Owned Autos).  Autos you do not own, lease, hire, rent, or borrow that are used in connection with a business.  This includes autos owned by employees, partners (if partnership), members (if LLC) or members of their households, BUT WHILE USED IN YOUR BUSINESS

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