Workers Compensation

Insurance coverage for injured workers.

Workers compensation, which is mandatory in most states, pays for medical and rehabilitation expenses for workers injured on the job. Workers compensation is governed by the state. See below for more information on workers compensation.

Experience Modification Factor
Factor used to calculate rate based on an individual’s loss history compared to the loss history of that specific industry.

Primary Losses
Losses calculated which are below $5,000, primary losses affect the E-Mod more than excess losses.

Excess Losses
Losses used to calculate the E-MOD that are over $5,000

Loss Control
All of our carriers are dedicated to helping our insured’s create loss control programs. Our carriers have countless resources to help design and implement loss control strategies such as:

  • References to help form hold harmless and indemnification agreements
  • Resources on proper safety techniques specific to YOUR industry
  • Safety Mangement Inspections


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