Top 5 Auto Insurance Questions for Maryland Drivers

Top 5 Auto Insurance Questions for Maryland Drivers

We understand selecting an insurance policy is no simple task. A bunch of numbers tossed around, different policies to choose from and different amounts of coverage—it’s all confusing without a breakdown of the most important facts.

So, we’ve compiled five of the most important questions Maryland drivers typically ask and need to know. Ready for some answers? Here you go:

#1 What auto coverage do I need?

This is a loaded question because there’s no one size fits all. However, to break this down a bit let’s start with the minimum amount of auto insurance you need in Maryland.

Currently, Maryland requires a minimum of 30/60/15, which means $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident for bodily injury and $15,000 per accident for property damage.

Remember, this is the minimum, so if you want greater protection of your assets and greater protection from legal issues, you’ll want to increase your coverage.

#2 How does my credit history affect me getting insurance?

Most insurers view credit history during the application and underwriting process. Your credit history provides substantial information regarding your responsibility to pay and pay on time. However, insurers are prohibited from rejecting an application solely based on credit history.

#3 What discounts are available to me?

Many insurers have a wide range of discounts available. For example, driving a properly equipped and safe vehicle, a clean driving record, attending DMV approved Accident Prevention Courses, academic excellence and driver’s education courses for youth.

To learn about the particular discounts you may be eligible for here in Maryland and in your area, ask an insurance agent.

#4 How does the value of a vehicle affect insurance premiums?

As you may guess, a more expensive vehicle comes with a more expensive premium because coverage must be substantial enough to cover potential damage. Purchasing a new or high-end used vehicle will cause your premium to increase. To be aware of a premium increase, check with a Maryland auto insurance agent to receive a quote for insurance on the vehicle you hope to purchase.

#5 Does location matter for auto insurance?

Location. Location. Location. It indeed matters when it comes to auto insurance. The location of your residence will affect premiums, along with where you park your car at your residence. Is it in a garage? Is it on the street? How much protection is it guaranteed? Premium costs are affected by the area you live in, such as it being more rural or urban.

Always check with an auto insurance agent before you move or relocate to determine changes in your premium. In some areas you may notice your premiums decrease, which is always a bonus. Nonetheless, always check location.

We hope this has enlightened you a bit on insurance questions you may have. We’re more than happy to sit and discuss your questions more at length regarding auto insurance in Maryland—that’s why we’re here.

Simply pick up the phone today and call our office to discuss coverage, premiums, relocation, driving history or any insurance related topic you need to discuss: (410) 848-7464