Commercial Liability Insurance

Every business faces exposure to loss from legal liability from a number of sources.

The Commercial General Liability provides protection from risk arising from, premise and operations, independent contractors, product liability, personal and advertising injury. Click below to learn more about CGL.


Provides coverage for bodily injury / property damage for individuals on your premise, slip, fall, or trip.


Provides coverage for bodily injury / property damage during your business operations.


Provides coverage for bodily injury/ property damage caused by products you manufacture or sell, which occurs away from the premise.

Personal Injury

Provides coverage for false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, wrongful entry into, or of the right of private occupancy of a room, dwelling or premises. (Good for landlords)

Advertising Injury

Oral or written publication of material that slanders or libels a person organization, or disparages people or organizations goods, products or services

Completed Operations

Provides coverage for bodily injury / property damage caused by your completed work.

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

This type is used interchangeably with excess liability insurance although the 2 are very different. Commercial Umbrella will provide coverage to gaps in other business insurance policies, while excess liability provides extra limits of insurance on top of coverage provided by other business policies in place

Contractors Liability

Contractors face unique liability exposure in the building trade, Crawford-Yingling Insurance understands those needs and can find protection to fit the budget of your business while protecting those unique exposures

Cyber Liability (Data Breach)

In today’s computer driven world, cyber liability has become a real exposure. Cyber Liability provides coverage for loss or theft of client data, introducing virus to another business network, and email transmitted libel. Just because you don’t run a technology business doesn’t mean you don’t need cyber liability, anytime you are dealing with people’s personal information (social security, addresses, phone numbers) cyber liability is a must.

Garage Keepers Legal Liability

When owning / operating garage risks, such as repair shops, auto dealers, parking lots, car washes you encounter a unique exposure. General Liability is not designed to cover damage / loss to personal property of others (vehicles under repair, in a garage etc). This is where garage keepers legal liability fills the gap, it covered damages for negligent acts that damage the property of others while in the “care custody and control’ of the business

Garage Keepers Liability

This is a comprehensive insurance product designed for businesses that sell, service, store or park road use vehicles. It includes liability insurance protection for damage to vehicles left in the care of the business. This protection extends to customer and non-customer vehicles. In addition, this type of insurance policy provides comprehensive liability for non-vehicle damages and injuries occurring on the business property.

Liquor Liability Insurance

A company in the business of serving, selling, or manufacturing alcoholic beverages faces lawsuits if an intoxicated person were to injure someone after being served at that establishment. Typical exposures exist in restaurants, bar, sporting venues, and hotels.

Product Liability

Whether you manufacture a product or sell a product you can become liable for bodily injury/ property damage. Repairing, supplying, or selling product require some kind product liability

Product Recall Expense

Specialized coverage paying for expenses to recall a product because of defect, or danger to the public (Tylenol Cyanine Incident).


Crawford Yingling Insurance, located in Carroll County, Maryland, offers commercial liability insurance to businesses in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Contact us now to receive a free consultation and quote.