What Are the Three Numbers on Auto Insurance Policies?

What Are the Three Numbers on Auto Insurance Policies?

If you’ve seen the details of auto insurance policies, then you’ve probably wondered what the three numbers refer to—such as 25/50/15 or 15/30/50. Seems like an odd ordering of numbers and you might know it refers to limits of liability, butyou may not know which number refers to which limit. Here’s the information you need

Factors that Affect Commercial Auto Insurance in Maryland

Some businesses operate solely within an office and employees are never required to leave the premises for business purposes. However, for the businesses that depend on delivery or off-site services with company vehicles, commercial auto insurance is a requirement in the state of Maryland. Not only is it to protect other commuters, but to protect

Don’t Forget About Specialty Insurance in Maryland

Auto insurance: check. Homeowner’s insurance: check. Life insurance: check. Most people stop considering insurance beyond those three. And while those are vital to our everyday life, people overlook insurance that they need for other areas of their life. The worst situation would be to overlook specialty insurance and end up in an awful scenario

The Basics of Life Insurance In Maryland You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard people recommend life insurance from time to time. Actually, someone in your life might be telling you to get life insurance, but you’re not quite sure what life insurance entails. This is your crash course to learn and understand the basics of life insurance and why people purchase such policies: 1. What

3 Reasons to get Commercial Liability Insurance in Maryland

We live in days when people sue for nearly anything in hopes of recovering a large sum of cash. This makes legal liability more intense for everyone, especially businesses. Whether it’s premise, product or personal injury liability, a business must be guarded against potential lawsuits. One mistake and a business could face a serious legal