Auto Insurance

Auto insurance coverage for your whole family.

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged you must protect yourself, as well as, protect yourself should you cause property damage or bodily injury as resulting of operating the motor vehicle. Certain special situations arise when you have a teenage driver, guest drivers, or custom cars. Auto insurance also provides coverage if someone else hit you that are uninsured or underinsured.

Combined Limits

Your limit of liability insurance to pay for bodily injury/ property damage is one combined limit (Example, $500,000) would pay for all expenses resulting from injury / property damage. Maximum pay out would be $500,000

Splits Limit of Liability

Split limits offer protection that provides coverage per person and a limit per accident. (Example $100k/$300k/$100K). You have $100k of coverage per person and a $300k limit per accident, so you could potentially have 3 people in a vehicle and have $100k of coverage per person up to $300k. The $100k number in split limits is the property damage limit.

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